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Jill Ellen Bennett Dorcey
Aug 30, 2021
In Share Your Memory
In 1980, I was raw from a divorce and i was invited to see my new therapist. Crying, I told my story to Sue. At the conclusion, she learned that i was living in Hale, Michigan where she was also living. We discovered that she was a cousin of a man who i was interested in, but afraid to date. We both agreed that that fact would not interfere with my counseling. I married her cousin in 1981 and we are now married for forty years! We loved our cousin. She was a big part of our lives. She was loving, caring, and always fun. She helped me with my mental health needs whenever necessary. I loved her as a sister. The world lost a beautiful soul.
Jill Ellen Bennett Dorcey

Jill Ellen Bennett Dorcey

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